Thank you for your interest in No Limitz Gymnastic Training Center & Cheerleading, directed by Nesho and Kina Neshev, former champions from Bulgaria and former owner's of Nesho's Gymnastic Center. Nesho's Class IV Boys team placed #1 in New York State. His boys claimed the title of New York State Class II Champions. It is this excellence in coaching that Nesho and Kina wish to bring to all who attend their gymnastic facility.

   Our state of the art facility is fully equipped for all Olympic events as well as cheerleading requirements. There is a 54' x 42' spring floor for gymnastics, cheerleading and a tumble trac.

   Our small student/teacher ratio insures safety in each class and helps make the children feel safe and secure in a highly motivated atmosphere for learning and enjoying gymnastics.

   Beyond the obvious physical benefits, gymnastics also helps build self confidence, improved concentration and the ability to allow the body and mind to function as one.   It includes training that supplies both the coordination and discipline to perform well, not only in gymnastics, but in any other sport as well.